GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD : Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts - JENNIE ALLEN

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD : Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts - JENNIE ALLEN

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD : Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts - JENNIE ALLEN


New York Times bestseller Book
Best- Selling Author of Nothing to Prove.
BOOK NAME - Get out of your head
THEME- Stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts
AUTHOR -Jennie Allen
Language - English
Table of Content of this book :

In this book author started out by saying the average person has 30,000 thoughts a day and 70% of those are negative. Such a huge number. By giving that numbers author tells us what is the reason behind these numbers. It is something we have to pay attention to those thoughts. That's a lot of thoughts, and she think as women, we probably have more thoughts than men. In this book, you will find out, what are the reasons, why we are all frustating, why we are stuck, and what is the cause of that,  and how do we move forward.

Paying attentions to our thoughts

You just have to write down what you've been thinking about overr the last 24 hours. I know you will not be able to remember all the thoughts but when you try you will get atleast ten to thousand at a time. And it might be about fear, it might be a worry about a kid, it might be something that's will happening with you right know. So author says that your first step is write down those thoughts and notice what it is that you're thinking about. Then check out the list that you make and you will able to notice that in our whole day how much negative thought comes in our mind. Over 80% of thoughts are repetitive from the day. So the first step is to notice our thoughts.

Give permission to yourself

By putting a face with the fear. All of us want to measure up, we want to be good at our jobs, and at our roles in life, whether that's parenting, or friendship, or with our parents. We want to be a good kid, and be a good parent, want to do our life well. 
There are three core lies that all humans believe, and that's male or female. I am unlovable, I am worthless, and I am helpless.

'Enough' word power

Enough is a big fear for all of us. We really loves people, we are all want to be a good enough for anyone like enough mom for children, we want to get a secure job. Enough is a self satisfaction word and it get ourself in safe zone and we have to put some effort, if you want to become productive in our life, firstly get out of safe boundaries.

Author says that we are now at a place where our joy is being robbed. It is not that we're doing a better job because we worry about this all the time.We're just not enjoying it. We're enjoying our lives, we're not enjoying our people. We have to just got to be careful to watch the thoughts that we are having it may not be that it changes our behaviors, but it will change our joy.

Spiraling in mind -By author perspective

We've look out for each other. That has to be a goal, a passion. I hope that that's one of the take-aways from this book is that people just feel like, "I am not going to let my friend, my child, my mom, my sister, I'm not going to let them spiral out. I'm going to fight for them." Because we need each other. We need each other to grab us by the shoulders and say, "Hey, you don't have to think this way. This isn't true about you. This is what IS true." And remind us of the truth of God's word. So I hope the biggest takeaway is that we get fierce and that we are really full of fire to fight for each other. And I would say what that looks like is different for every person, but it takes relationship, it takes really having your core people, and by core, I mean 2 to 3. I don't mean a dozen. You need 2 to 3 people that you're daily, regularly doing life with, checking in with, and then those people, when they sink, you need to say it to each other. You need to say, "Hey! I am sinking! Help me process this!" It happened last night. One of my core people called me and said, "Hey, I'm having a hard day, I'm struggling with this or that." And so I was like, "Ok! Vent about it. Talk about it. Get it all out. Say it what it is." And after they did that, I got to speak truth over them, and it just brought a lot of comfort and freedom, and she got off the phone, and she was all feisty and more free. And so I think we can't underestimate the role we're supposed to play in each other's lives to fight for each other's mental health. 

Review :

This book is a beautiful reminder that God is at work in all the bullshit of our mind. God beckons us to get out of our heads and practice daily presence and rest with him.

This Book won't just change the way you think; it will alter the way you live.
Get out of your head is a Bibical guide to discovering how to submit our minds to Christ because how we think shapes, how we live. As we give up each idea to Jesus, the guarantees of God flood our lives in significant manners.

Get out of your head will help you :

Identify the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck.
Understand the science behind why your thoughts can change your life.
Recognize your God - given power to confront and overcome your toxic thoughts.

About The Author :

Jennie is the founder and visionary behind IF :Gathering, an organization that equips women to know God more deeply and to disple others in their own lives. She is the author of several books and Bible studies. She and her husband, Zac, live in Dallas, Texas, with their four childrens. Jenny has a master's degree in bibical studies from Dallas.

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