The Little Prince Book Summary by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

You want to improve your life. You probably also like the ideas and knowledge that books have to offer you. If you're a reader; like me and have a goal of finishing 100 books by the end of the year ask yourself why do I want to finish so many books.

The true answer is that you want to add value to your life however too many people lose sight of this in pursuit of completing their to read list as fast as possible picture the scenario Bob loves learning and so he powers through 50 books in 12 months. He is so satisfied with this achievement and tells all his friends. He is excited about all the new knowledge he has gained and can't wait to finish more books. Ross also loves learning however he only reads 25 books in the same time.

It took Bob Ross carefully chooses each book he reads based on the immediate impact it will have on his life. He spends time rereading parts he doesn't understand shares with others what he has learned researchers the author and actually implements the action steps provided in the book who's benefiting the most year. 

If you haven't worked it out already it's Ross Albert Einstein said knowledge comes from experience information is not knowledge the only source of knowledge is experience don't just think about what you read apply it so the first lesson here when pursuing an activity is to stop accumulating for the sake of it and reevaluate your purpose the second lesson is believe actions not words imagine you're hiring someone to write a fiction book and you receive two applications the first applicant is someone who claims they've written countless fiction books and knows how to keep readers interested in their stories the second applicant makes the same claim but provides links to their work including a sales page that shows twenty thousand sales of the last book.

They wrote who would you hire executive exemption your friend Zack wants to take you rock climbing and soothes your anxieties by saying he's read a ton of books about it your friend Tammy wants to take you instead however she has a YouTube channel showing her climbing mountains and is part of the local mountain climbing Club who would you go with of course there are other factors to consider such as their personality traits but more often than not you should trust someone's actions not words the same applies to your intimate relationships.

If your partner continually says they love you after every time they violate one of your relationship rules or boundaries then believe what they do and not what they say lesson number three don't let your environment control your life just because all your friends are going to college it doesn't mean you should just because the economy is down it doesn't mean you shouldn't start your own business just because it's hot outside it doesn't mean you can't find a way to go for your daily run and just because your friends are drinking it doesn't mean you should take conscious control of your decisions and cultivate an environment for yourself that will naturally lead you to better decisions a great way to take action on this lesson now is to clean your workspace take the time to declutter your desktop clear your desk tidy your room operating in a clean work environment will eliminate distractions and therefore lead to increase productivity lesson number four confront small problems before they get bigger.

I remember one time I got a letter in the mail telling me to put in my vote for the state election I shrugged it off and forgot about it until two months later I got another letter saying I missed the election day and had to pay a fine if I just filled out the letter and sent it back straight away I would have saved both time and money I also ride a motorbike and notice recently that my tires are worn down past the legal limit I continue to ride around with the tires like this because I couldn't be bothered changing them just the other day I was riding in the hills and came across a line of ten policemen luckily.

I was just given a warning slip however if the cop was having a bad day he could have easily given me a fine straight up and not held let me ride the bike home so when going about your day always remember to confront the small problems before they get bigger these are the four big lessons that stood out to me in this book I'd like to leave you with a small story from the book and I would love to hear what lesson you can take from it in the comments below so here it is good morning said the little prince good morning said the merchant he was a merchant selling sophisticated pills intended to quench ones first if a single pill was swallowed once a week the need to drink disappeared why are you selling those asked the little prince because it saves a lot of time said the merchant experts have worked it all out you say 53 minutes a week and what does one do with those 53 minutes ask the little prince whatever one wishes if I had 53 minutes to spend said the little prince I would work very slowly towards a spring of fresh water you.

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