About us

Welcome to - a Blog that improves you entirely day by day. Our goal is to change your daily habits that effect you from not getting success in your life.

I am Gurmeet singh and I starts my career in blogging when finds that many people are in the world need motivation in their life to become a successful person. And from this platform we provide much information that motivate people. Here you finds what are the reasons behind the failure. 

What are the topics this blog cover -

  • Motivation and Inspiration books summaries
  • Quotes of famous people
  • Self improvement and development books summaries
  • Communication skills quotes that need in social life
  • Time management books
  • Education books
  • Fitness and health books
  • Happiness books
  • Life management books
  • History facts books
  • Quotes of successful Indians
  • Book quotes
and this list goes on.

What special in its name -

As from the name, ' Beyond RegulaR denotes that when you not get what you want like -to wake up in early morning but finds difficult, want to discard bad habits but failure comes to you then you need to change the way you deal them. Here is the main reason that you don't get success. Beyond RegulaR- don't be regular on your habits and its time to change them.